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Zhang Enli at Hauser & Wirth Somerset

Zhang Enli at Hauser & Wirth Somerset

The renowned Chinese artist Zhang Enli opens at Hauser & Wirth Somerset next month (8 March - 21 June) with a new show 'Four Seasons.'

Alongside a series of paintings of the natural world - enlarged views of water, trees and leaves - Zhang has painted directly onto the walls, floor and ceiling of one room. His works are produced from sketches, photographs and memory rather than direct observation.

His tree paintings are taken from photos of trees that line the streets of Shanghai and instead of being rooted to the ground are elevated, as if floating in the sky. 

Zhang is influenced by the loose brush washes of Chinese painting and he dilutes his paint until is is almost like a glaze so that his pencil grids are clearly visible beneath the paint. The muted tones and thin application of paint give each object a hazy, surreal feeling as if only the essence is portrayed on canvas.

Zhang has created a 'Space Painting' at H&WS in the area between the two galleries, depicting depiciting his responses to the surrounding Somerset landscape.



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