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Yeotown Life: Health Kick from Home

Yeotown Life: Health Kick from Home

With immaculate timing for the New Year health craze North Devon retreat Yeotown has launched an online wellbeing service offering videos on everything from cooking tutorials to yoga and hiking. Yeotown Life is a genius concept for it provides access to advice and instruction from Yeotown's experts and a direct line into their uplifting life philosophy for just £10 a month.

Even better you can dip into the channel as and when you choose. Feeling sluggish after a deskbound day? Try the energising tutorial focusing on the backbend or perhaps a guided 15 minute meditation. Every level of yoga is here including prenatal and even a stress-busting yoga for non yogis. More to the point many of the tutorials are taken by co founder Mercedes N Sieff, a renowned vinyasa flow yoga star throughout Europe and teacher at North London's famous Triyoga studio. Just access to her upbeat, expert instruction alone merits the monthly fee.

What I love about Yeotown Life, having trialled it for a couple of weeks now, is the way you can fit exercise into 20, 10, even 5 minute slots. I'm unlikely to drag myself away from my desk for an hour or more during the day but doing a 15 minute workout with Toby Williamson - burpees, squats and something called the walking exercise (it's a killer) - sends me back to work feeling invigorated and better able to focus. Mercedes has just posted a 7 day Look Good Naked programme, 15 minute yoga tutorials aimed at toning different parts of your body. Really, what's not to like? And best of all, nobody needs to see you doing it, naked or not. A private boot camp in manageable bite sized chunks. This is the future people. 

There are also cooking tutorials from Yeotown's talented inhouse chef Julia, who often adapts cult recipes to fit the healthy eating stance - essentially no gluten, dairy or refined sugar but maximum flavour and punch. Currently online is the tempting sounding Forever Young chocolate cheesecake made from coconut cream, raw cacao and avocado but there are also juices and smoothies, vegetable side dishes, salads, soups and main dishes with more videos and recipes being uploaded each week.

Davy Johnston, Yeotown's ex military (and often hilarious) hiking instructor is here giving advice on what to wear and how to maintain a rigorous pace and there are also various high impact workouts from 5 to 20 minutes in length, so perfect for days when you need an adrenalin boost but are short of time.


In essence, then, Yeotown Life reflects the retreat's unique take on wellbeing the basic premise being that an energetic healthy lifestyle is fun and not just for January.

Co founder Simon Sieff spent a year developing Yeotown Life to get it absolutely right.

He says: "We wanted to offer affordable everyday access to the Yeotown way of life so people can learn about sustainable wellbeing but do it at home, as and when. The internet is a fantastic medium for getting the message out there and yoga works perfectly in a video format. It's a great way of picking up healthy habits."

Coming soon are collaborations with leading fitness and health professionals - Olympic gold medalist Victoria Pendleton, alkaline chef Natasha Corrett and big wave surfer Andrew Cotton who will deliver motivational videos for Yeotown Life.

Membership to Yeotown Life is £10 a month find out more here

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