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The Art of Procrastination

The Art of Procrastination

I simply cannot make a decision at the moment. It's an indiscriminate
affliction. It strikes any time over the life changing and the inane. I
can be choosing a sandwich for lunch and within a minute I am having an
internal debate. I may fancy chicken but what am I having for supper
later? Is the chicken really free range or is it actually from a factory
on the outskirts of nowhere? Surely I said this week I was going to be
carb free?? Imagine my hell at the street food market on the Southbank.
Divine stalls of gorgeousness, catering for all food loves - Korean,
Southern Asian, Moroccan, Spanish, Lebanese. I almost bought a cheese
toastie because I just couldn't DECIDE.
I have never been one of those 'say yes, worry about it later' types but
this is ridiculous. It's a type of madness. Even The Husband has noticed.
And Eldest Son has started making decisions for me.
'I'll have a hot chocolate and my mum will have a flat white and as she
isn't paying any attention can you give me extra marshmallows and one of
those chocolate muffins please.' While I am still stood at the counter
squinting at the blackboard and wondering if today is the day to try a
I am blaming this house and B&B. When we first moved in we had to make a
million decisions every day for months. I have literally run out. Although
recent research says that the brain power we use to make those big life
decisions is the same amount it takes to choose a new pair of curtains. I
took longer and was more tortured by choosing flooring in this house than
I was by leaving my longstanding career, friends and family and uprooting
my family from London where I had lived my entire life. True story.
So The Husband has made a decision to spruce up the B&B this month. He
thinks I am up to the task of organising this and that researching window
fixings will be good therapy for my procrastination. I am not liking the
sound of this. Think am going to bunk off and go somewhere nice. I just
can't decide where.

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