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Trill Farm in East Devon

Trill Farm in East Devon

It’s good to share. I tell my children all the time. Which is why, against my better judgement, I am going to write about the brilliant Trill Farm and not keep it as a little, local secret protected by the rolling hills and woodland of East Devon.

Eight years ago Romy Fraser (creater of Neals Yard products) bought 300 acre mixed organic Trill Farm with the aim of developing an education centre and community of small businesses that could work together to use the land’s resources. And she has done exactly that and more.

There are now a group of thriving independent enterprises and as a regular visitor over the summer I can vouch for most of them.

Ash and Kate run the Trill Farm Vegetable Garden and have done for several years. Their produce goes straight into the kitchen on site as well as to local restaurants like River Cottage and Hix and is a seasonal godsend of a market stall in Lyme Regis. A special mention goes to their stunning mix of salads with liberal sprinklings of edible flowers which are renowned.

The Old Dairy Kitchen is run by ex-River Cottage chef and loveliest man Chris Onions who caters for all the events and courses on site and runs spectacular weekend dinners. As you would expect his menus focus on provenance, most ingredients grown or foraged on the farm. His monthly suppers deserve an entire review on their own which is exactly what I will do and gives me an excuse to return for dinner.

The Trill team have set up and run a variety of courses from the woodland based spoon carving, willow weaving and caning to living nutrition, bread making, fermenting and preserving, herbal medicine and yoga retreats. I spent the day on the basic DIY course which was honest in its basicness but so worthwhile in its knowledge and confidence building. Run by the no nonsense Ruth Thomson, we were drilling into anything and everything by the end of the day, putting up shelves and feeling invincible about tackling home projects.

One of the cleverest little bits of this place is the bit you can order online. There is a small onsite shop stocking a handful of items which is only accessible when you attend a course but there is an online shop with a selection of organic products. The best way to sample Trill from afar or treat someone else is through their quarterly Season Box. Each box is overflowing with seasonal products made from organic, wild-harvested and natural ingredients found on the farm by the people that work there. It is an abundant celebration and portfolio of the place and people that make Trill the success it is. The Winter Box includes herbal winter tea, crab apple and chilli jelly, plum chutney, cordial, preserved sloes and seasoned salt. Soap, bath salts and facial oil nestle amongst hand crafted ceramics and candles. Limited stocks so order before 11th December for Christmas delivery.

It should be on your wishlist, it’s on mine. No need to thank me. Unless it is box shaped.


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