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 Improve your Home with New Windows and Doors

Improve your Home with New Windows and Doors

In the grand scheme of things windows and doors can be easily forgotten about when redecorating.

However, the front door is often the first impression a visitor gets of your house and can really set up their expectations of your home. An old door may be lacking in security and could put your home at risk. New windows can not only give a room a fresh new look, but can also brighten up your home and allow much more light into a space. There are many varieties of widows and doors available on the market. Here's our guide to the different types and their features:   uPVC Window uPVC Windows have many benefits; they won't rot, rust or fade and provide improved safety and security to your home. They come in a range of styles and colours to compliment your decor and have a modern, visually appealing finish. They can also dramatically improve your energy saving as they keep the heat in a room, perfect for the coming winter months. Tilt and Turn Windows Tilt and Turn Windows open inwards and are easy to install yourself. They have high thermal efficiency due to double glazing. They are also secure and have sound insulation properties due to incorporated spacer bars. Tilt and Turn Windows are ideally suited to modern homes due to their simplistic contemporary design. French Windows French Windows consist of two fully opening sashes that are easy to fit. They conserve energy due to their double glazing and design. French Windows are smart and stylish and add a touch of elegance to a room. They increase light and air-circulation and are a perfect way to update a neglected room. A great set of doors can really change the mood of a house and increase safety and security.   Residential Doors Residential Doors such as these have a security lock designed to meet the strict Official Police Security Initiative specifications. They contain toughened glass for added security and are easy to fit and install. Residential doors are popular and great value for money. A new front door adds value and curb appeal to your home and is an easy way to modernise the face of your house. Patio Doors Patio Doors create stunning views into the garden and allow ease of access. They can allow natural light into a dark room and are very economic with space. Composite Doors Composite Doors are strong and durable and are built for security. They often come with a polyurethane foam core and reinforced outer frame for heat and sound insulation. Composite doors can look much more appealing than other types of door due to their solid and classic appearance.  

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