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The Panel: What's On Your Christmas Wish List?

Steven Lamb, River Cottage

I think about cheese a lot. Sometimes it is the first thing I think about in the morning and first on my Christmas wish list would be any of the fine cheeses from Dorset or Devon sold at the Town Mill Cheese Shop in Lyme Regis. If I were to be particular then a hard goat cheese from Woolsery would do very nicely thank you. I cannot abide most packaging which makes presents at Xmas a bit of an issue. All that unnecessary plastic, polystyrene and paper drives me mad. So to counteract the nightmares of Christmas landfill I always try to buy a green/environmental present. This year on my wish list is a green energy investment from Abundance. This website allows you to buy someone a share in a green project that helps fund it as well as potentially returning a little profit.

OK this is a big ask but I’ve been a good boy this year and Santa might oblige! I love my family but I am surrounded by girls in my house. Two terrific daughters under 4 and another one on the way (also of the pink variety!) so I would like a man shed to escape to in the garden. Any one of the cool garden offices from Dunster House will suffice. Don’t ask don’t get!  

Pearl Lowe, designer

Costes Candle from The Hotel Costes. I just love all the scents & candles from this wonderful boutique hotel in Paris. Brora cashmere dressing gown I'm a huge fan of Brora & have been since moving to the country 9 years ago. This dressing gown is completely out of our price range, so I'll just dream about owning it one day.  Rachel Ashwell large Velvet cushion. Rachel Ashwell has a fantastic eye. Her shop in nottinghill doesn't disappoint. I'd love to own one of these. Absolutely stunning. Charm bracelet from Judith Michael & Daughter My best friend Zoe helps out in this treasure trove of a shop opposite Fenwicks in London. I spotted a beautiful charm bracelet a few weeks ago and haven't been able to put it out of my mind. Vintage Italian gilded bedside/lamp table from La Belle Etoiffe. I'm obsessed with vintage gold Italian furniture. I have spotted this fantastic bedside table from my favorite furniture shop in Frome. Check it out!  

Sophy Roberts, freelance writer and Financial Times columnist on travel and culture.

The Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet. A recent, accidental conversation led to finding the keys to the kingdom in a Cirencester-based travel agency, Steppes Travel. Justin Wateridge -- the real deal, who knows his subject inside-out -- heads up this high-end tour operator for anything from African safaris to chartering boats in Indonesia. Turns out he also knows something about this holy grail of hidden lands, at the head of the Brahmaputra River. Once he tried to find it on a bike before getting nabbed by interfering Chinese police. I want to get there some other way, though that's the issue: getting in is a question of rafting some of the most dangerous rapids in the world.

For something more attainable, then I'll settle for a bottle of Black Cow Vodka -- made in the Marshwood Vale. With a little bit of Hix magic (it's in all his restaurants), Black Cow is now taking over the universe.









Laura Campbell, Stylist and DJ

I've always hankered after a Tuk Tuk, a highly impractical motor in a country like ours, but I imagine a great way to beetle around the city on a balmy day: http:tukshop.biz/index.asp and if I had a small business, I would go for the Noddy-style Piaggio Ape van.

A cluster of colourful woven pendant lights in a hallway or corner of a room would be a cheering sight: petlamp.org

Saluting Nigella and her bravery, I would choose a wooden chopping board (pictured below) similar to the ones she uses from Amy Perry in Tetbury.

For children, some of the quirkiest clothes are made by Scotch+Soda, available from Fashion Dispensary, also in Tetbury. There are chunky knits and striped shirts with mismatched patchwork details for boys and double-layered print skirts and trousers with funky side details for girls. The shop also stocks clothes for men and women and Hudson boots for the wannabe rock chick.

Roger Saul, founder Kilver Court Designer Village

From Kilver Court I'd love my favourite Egyptian superfine cotton torso hugging trunks by Sunspel, of James Bond fame …on second thoughts, its Xmas time and maybe not so contour hugging) I would love to be given a selection of chilli plug plants and seed from Sea Spring Seeds in Dorset as we just love growing Chilli plants and producing our own hot chillis. Out of the Greenhouse and back into the garden, a delicious deep coloured flavoursome Cherry tree from Ashridge Trees would be a treat. Inevitably a new pair of Converse trainers would not go amiss. Most of all though a surprise case of Cottenara Grammonte 2009 red wine, would be heavenly, however Father Christmas would have to go all the way to Sicily to get it and might well get hijacked whilst there, so that could be a tall order.  

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