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The Home Gym: A Decadent Necessity

The Home Gym: A Decadent Necessity

Over the last few years a revolution has taken place. For many it came out of nowhere, for others it was inevitable. Quietly yet steadily it gained momentum and became one of the biggest movements of the last few years: fitness. Health and fitness is everywhere, filling our Instagram feeds and popping up in schools. Even the prime minister has forgone dairy to fight the bulge. 

 After the early part of the century was dominated by reports of rising obesity, a renewed consciousness for a healthy lifestyle has taken over. The fragile figures we grew accustomed to seeing on the runways have been replaced by a healthier, more muscular generation of models.  

 But how do you reconcile a healthy lifestyle with the busy day to day schedules many of us face? Who really has the time (or energy) for a trip to the gym after a long day at work? The answer is the home gym. It may sound decadent but hear me out. 

 Imagine yourself finishing work for the day, you can’t wait to get home and the idea of going absolutely anywhere else, whether that’s a bar or a gym, sounds about as tempting as sticking a rusty nail in your eye. Once at home the first thing you do is change into your most comfortable tracksuit bottoms and, after a nice cup of tea, you feel revived. That’s when you spot the treadmill in the corner and you think to yourself "Why not?" After all, you are already wearing tracksuit bottoms. 

 Financially speaking, building yourself a home gym is initially an investment, but once you have added up how much you spend on gym memberships, yoga lessons or a personal trainer over the years, it’s an investment that makes sense. 

Let’s not forget that building your own home gym means you can create exactly the kind of environment you like to work out in. Does an industrial surrounding appeal to you? Great! Want to fill your workout space with flowers and scented candles? Go for it! The point is, a home gym means you can create exactly the kind of space you enjoy spending time in, and ordering from companies like Hammer makes getting the necessary equipment quick and easy.

 What it all comes down to, is that your own gym in the comfort of your home offers you somewhere you feel comfortable and can train as much as you want. It fits around your schedule and eliminates the excuses for not working out. Above all, a home gym is somewhere you can take time out from your everyday life and focus completely on yourself. Now that’s luxury.

And if you are still struggling with the initial costs, you can always justify it by using your home gym to train for one of the many marathons around South West England.

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