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Still Life at The Art Stable

Still Life at The Art Stable

The new Still Life exhibition at The Art Stable in Child Okeford is like a masterclass in this particular art form and effortlessly showcases the diverse range of talent and styles at this wonderful Dorset-based gallery.

Featuring artists from the 1920s through to modern day, the walls are crammed with art which demonstrates the value of the simple still life arrangement as a means for experimentation.

It’s fascinating to see artists whom you’ll know and love if you’re a fan of Kelly Ross’s eclectic and unfailing eye, stepping outside of their usual style to fulfil the brief.

Charlie Baird, for example, is here with a mesmerising, multi media depiction of bottles illuminated beneath a hanging light.

The ground floor of the Art Stable shows contemporary artists such as Michael Williams (pictured below), Peter Archer, Paul Newland and George Young as well as newer discoveries like Nicholas Granger- Taylor with a beautifully detailed, timeless depiction of a bottle and corkscrew.

Upstairs you’ll find absolute gems from the 20th century including a vase of flowers by Mary Jewels in 1920 and this gorgeous composition from the surrealist Tristram Hillier in 1953 (main image above).

The exhibition is a perfect vehicle for showing Kelly’s dedication to collecting – there’s an Ivor Hitchens here (pictured below) a copy of the only print he made, a lithograph from 1938.

And one of my favourites, a pen and ink drawing of Rapunzel from David Hockney, used to illustrate a volume of Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm in the 1960s.

Still Life 1920 – 2015 runs until 24 October at The Art Stable.

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