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Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll

My husband went to get the 6 year old out of his bath and he turned to him in that slightly Damian way he has and intoned: “Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll.” He was slightly taken aback (though only slightly) but for me it came as no surprise.

Earlier we’d been listening to our New Years Eve party playlist and needless to say it was Ian Dury’s iconic track which caught his attention. "What’s sex?’ he asked. “How people make babies.” “What’s drugs?” For a few moments I was actually considering a conversation about mood enhancers and the perils of hallucinogens before the right answer popped into my head. “Drugs are medicine.’ “Rock n roll?’ he said but only half heartedly for he knows the answer to that one, this is the child who has wanted to be a drummer/guitarist/frontman since the moment he could talk. This worship of all things rock can be directly traced to his father who, given the choice, would almost certainly come back as lead singer of The Clash. Back in the day my best friend invited me and my (future) husband away on a weekend together with the immortal words: “I think you need some rock and roll in your life.’ I wasn’t convinced I did but 17 years, 3 children and a lot of punk rock later that’s what I got. Funny thing is, as 2014 looms, times are changing. We just bought a very sensible estate car, the kind that screams 2.4 children and a career in  middle management. It’s like our own personal tardis for whenever we're inside it I look across at the driver and think 'Captain Sensible and his wife.' And I find I like it. So as we cruise (at a respectable speed) into the New Year our buzzwords are sensible, practical, responsible. Rock n roll? What's that?  

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