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Resistance: Which Way the Future?

The poster for Resistance: Which Way the Future? is a startling image - one that compels and repels simultaneously. What is a woman in Nazi Uniform doing in a wheelchair? As the artist herself says - the image is unanswerable. So not wanting to leave it there, Country Calling caught up with Liz Crow, the artist and film maker (she's in the picture) to find out more about this provocative and inspiring piece.

Now I have to be honest and admitted so much to Liz - my first reaction to Resistance was resistance. I knew that I ought to go and be challenged by this work but did I want to be? Could I really be bothered... so in a spirit of being mindful of my reactions these days, I decided to find out more.  And I'm very glad I did.

This is a political piece about disability and what it's like to feel excluded and disregarded but its message is ultimately positive. Liz explains that Resistance is about hope, the past cannot be changed but the future can. This message was heard loud and clear when the show was at the Kennedy Center in Washington recently, one visitor stating 'One of the most powerful things I have ever experienced. I was so amazed by it, I went back to see it twice more.'

The programme of mass murder of disabled people in Germany before and during the holocaust is the starting point but where the moving image installation finishes, is with people explaining what it feels like to be valued, regarded and included. Well, of course, I was thinking but as Liz continued talking I remembered back to first looking at the image and not really wanting to be bothered. This wonderful piece is about actively acting against discrimination.

Resistance: Which Way the Future is at the MShed in Bristol till 5th Feb. Go and be inspired. Children from age 11. Free Admission.

Liz Crow is behind Roaring Girl Productions based in Bristol






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