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Winter? Reluctant Landlady Sticks her Head in the Sand..

Winter? Reluctant Landlady Sticks her Head in the Sand..

I am sat in the debris of late summer. I know it’s autumn. And when I went to Pilates this week our local village hall already has the dusty, tinsel heavy Christmas decorations out. But my house and my head haven’t come to terms with it yet. Eldest son’s surf board is propped outside the back door, beach bag slung in the porch full of towels (clean luckily), the garden table and chairs are still out and ready for a few bottles of pink wine and a couple of lobster. The B&B continues with late autumn mini breaks and tales of guests sea swimming and hanging out around the roaring fire pit.

I have not yet ordered logs. Or filled the oil tank. Out of 3 children I can find 2 pairs of mismatching gloves, 6 hats of mixed ability depending on missing bobbles and moth holes and a scarf that is on long term loan to Teddoes the Teddy. If it weren’t for a recent hand me down from a generous, more organised school mother, only one of them would have a fully functioning coat.

I know I should clear the front flower beds of unruly nasturtiums but they are still green and flowering. I should take the summer bunting down from the B&B and search out the winter duvet. I could spend the weekend trying a new soup recipe, cosying up the house and putting the garden to be. And I will, I will. Just as soon as I have raised a final Pimms to my trusty flip flops and favoured sun lounger…

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