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Reluctant Landlady En Vacances

We are in the middle of the busiest, craziest, most lucrative season so in a foolhardy manner I kept a week free in the B&B bookings diary and booked us a little holiday instead.

The looking after and organising of other people’s mini breaks had made me yearn for our very own. So last week we popped off to our cute little south west airport and jumped on a small plane (not small as in private jet but small as in small) with minimum luggage and a list of cool things to do with kids in Paris. Number one on that list turned out to be keep them on pavements and away from major road junctions as they don’t get many of those at home. Within an hour of arriving had quietly checked where the nearest hospital was. And joy to discover we were staying two roads away from it so with that knowledge I slightly relaxed my shoulder grip on the Curly One for the rest of the holiday. Who can only walk down pavements as a plane, motorbike or space rocket. I was in control of the map and the guide book with a sort of military operation that was almost relaxing. Come on children, we have a lot to see, do, climb, eat, drink, relax, walk in five days. The Husband quietly checked where the nearest early morning café bar was. But, surprisingly, amazingly, the trip was a success. No buts. No gritted teeth. No arguments. No laundry. No B&B changeover. No concerns for anyone else but ourselves. We have returned with renewed energy for country life and 3 children who think they are urban and street. Eldest son telling friend today of his minibreak and me earwigging smugly ‘it was so cool, Paris is great, we ate chocolate croissants for breakfast every morning and drank Orangina every night even though it was past bedtime.’ Oh, so no mention of the art galleries, the parks, the Eiffel tour, the activities along the Seine….no? Still we have the photos to remind them, all 600 of them.  

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