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Qetty Bang Bang: Unusual in Every Way

Qetty Bang Bang, a vintage and contemporary boutique in Tebury, specialises in the quirky and unusual. Shop here and you'll come away with a style that is quite unlike anyone else's. Yes there's the usual skinny jeans, silk blouses, boots and high heels - but made by labels you probably won't have heard of, always fitting the theme of classic with edge.

Qetty Bang Bang's owner Kerry Spurry takes a long time over window displays which  mix up the shop's careful selection of vintage and modern, and must be pretty irresistible to passersby.

Once inside this beautiful and very original shop it’s hard to know where to explore first. There are antique chests bolted onto the walls, dripping with costume and contemporary jewellery and a grand piano where musicians are invited to play jazz while you shop. There is some seriously collectable vintage here – 1950s swing dresses, a midnight blue velvet edwardian dress, a felt Gothic style cut-out collar, flapper dresses, a proper treasure trove of stuff,

A new look dress from the 50s With the contemporary fashion Kerry has been clever in sourcing unusual but affordable fashion you won't see anywhere else.  She likes to keep the modern range in keeping with the vintage, stocking classic dresses, coats, shoes and hats which often take inspiration from a bygone era. You can find zipped skinny jeans from Malou Sander, silk blouses from Almost Famous, lace dresses from Melabelle, fine mohair knits from Sita Murt. Qetty Bang Bang also has a menswear range - a sort of young fogey with edge - tailored jackets in bright tweed, polonecks, skinny trousers.

Qetty Bang Bang also offers a cocktail hat making service - from around £80 you can have a hairpiece or hat to go with your dress.

There's interesting homeware here too - I love the ironic trays from ibride, animals dressed in opulent clothes, a zebra in a satin wedding dress with a bouquet of roses (good wedding present?). There are beautiful vases and, my personal favourite, a notebook entitled 'La Memoire du Calme,' each page in a to-do list format. Ultimate Christmas present for the organised and, er, not so organised? Kerry has kept prices reasonable here apart from some of the most rare vintage which can cost up to £500  - skinny jeans around £130, cute tailored lace tops from £70, cocktail dresses from £150. If you're in the neighbourhood, you'll want to stop and rummage. Unlikely you'll be able to pass those inviting window displays anyway.

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