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Protecting Your Home from Floods

Protecting Your Home from Floods

  In 2011, the government put in place several initiatives aimed at improving flood defences and response services in the South West.

However, recent news has highlighted the extent to which these new policies are failing to gain momentum – most noticeably through their crippling lack of funding. Instead of the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs making any kind of significant financial contribution, it has instead fallen to local councils and businesses to provide the majority of the much needed cash. 2013 Flood Devastation The devastating impact of the government’s struggling policies has been only too clear to see. Last year’s floods were a stark warning that much, much more needs to be put in place to protect homeowners and business owners in the South West – many of whom did and came close to losing everything they had thanks to the relentless storms. Government commitment has been reiterated following last year’s bad weather, but many have been left wondering if this is too little, too late. People in the South West are now being urged to look to their own resources to shore up their defences against any future flooding. Though potentially costly, there is much more that can be done at this present time by individual homeowners than a government that seems stymied by lack of both finances and motivation. Finding Information As a homeowner, your first point of call should be information providers. Any organisation possessing information about how to protect your home against floodwater should receive your utmost attention. Whether it be a charity, such as the RNLI Flood Rescue Team, or a supplier of flood defence materials, such as Buy Fencing Direct, the more advice and support you receive for your flood prevention efforts, the more likely it is that you will be able to efficiently secure your home. Consider the Aftermath It’s also worthwhile to seek out any advice you can that deals directly with coping with the aftermath of a flood. Many people have found that the costliest and most stressful part of dealing with severe weather, not during the flooding, but in the days, weeks and months following. Although the government has been slow to help people prepare for and prevent flooding, there are several government resources that deal with topics such as insurance and flood aid, which may be of use to homeowners. Let us know if you have ever been involved in a flood and how you and your family have coped or prevented future flooding.    

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