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Don't Miss: Peter Archer at The Art Stable

Don't Miss: Peter Archer at The Art Stable

The Art Stable in Child Okeford never fails to surprise and ethrall with its choice of artists and the forthcoming exhibition from psychographic artist Peter Archer is no exception.

Archer's works - a haunting series of monochrome seascapes - are not potrayed as fleeting glimpses of reality or the artist's snatched recollections. Instead he gives the painting its own memory.

He describes the process as exhilarating and agonising in equal measure but the images he produces, combine a stark, almost graphic reality with something less tangible, haunting, sensuous, melancholy paintings which critic Andreas Karayan perfecly describes as love poems.

Archer says: "For quite a while now almost all the paintings I've done and think of as successful have been through several crises; have changed dramatically after short bursts of work, emerging as different and stronger paintings. There is something chancy, unpredictable about this process. While going through them these convulsions can feel destructive and appear to produce nothing but a mess of paint. But that low point is part of an alchemy that can, and often does, take place, the results surprising me and taking the painting, through twists and turns to where it should be."   

Peter Archer In Deep Water 28 Feb to 28 March at The Art Stable 


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