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OV Naturals: the Heart & Soul Collection

OV Naturals: the Heart & Soul Collection

I’ve long been a fan of OV Natural’s wonderful, face saving Triple Rose Oil so I was keen to try the brand new Heart & Soul Collection.

The botanical oils, created by talented aromatherapist Lucy Stevens (founder of OV Naturals in Somerset) combine fast absorbing high linoleic (omega 6) oil with essential oils and botanics. Drawing from years of experience treating clients’ skin, Lucy has launched 6 formulas designed to correct problem areas like dry skin and enhance mood at the same time.

And they are truly wonderful. The switch from summer to autumn traditionally plays havoc with my skin, there’s a definite sandpaper moment around the end of September. This year armed with bottles of both the Buoyant (with argan,  neroli and frankincense) and Vital (with triple rose, hip, otto and absolute) facial oils I can in all honestly say my skin has never been better. Crucially the oils absorb quickly but leave a light sheen initially – a bit like applying a highlighter. (According to Lucy this works as a quick beauty tip). 

I’ve been using them for two weeks now and my skin feels noticeably softer (literally like it belongs to someone else) and with fewer fine lines. I’ve even checked with my nearest and dearest (husband, daughter always guaranteed to give a searingly truthful opinion).  What’s not to like? You can apply morning and night, as I do, or just once a day and amp up with a day or night cream afterwards. The oils smell delicious and leaves your skin feeling properly nourished.

Then there’s the divine botanical body oil – I tried Supple – which you slather on after a shower. It’s quickly absorbed so you dress and forget about it but once you undress 12 hours later – again, wow factor. That sad looking post holiday skin? Smoother than it’s been in years.

My 15  year old daughter also tried the Serene facial oil with the same dramatic effect, her skin, she says, is far softer and more hydrated than usual. The oils are 100% vegan and organic so feel like a good choice for young skin.

Long story short, I am complete convert not only to using facial and body oils rather than creams but particularly to this new range from OV Naturals.

Lucy has spent the past 18 months working on these new oils and it shows.Prices are good too. I’m stocking up. Check out all details at OV Naturals.
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