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One Month To Go and the Clock is Ticking....

So here we are. Having spent months saying with an airy, almost dismissive wave of the hand that we are opening a B&B next year it is now this year. Our first booking is actually next month (39 days and counting, gulp) and the airy waving has become frantic wringing and flailing.

Under the guise of research I spent the quiet late December days reading ‘Concierge Confidential’ and watching back to back ‘Three In A Bed’ and ‘Inside Claridges’. The former involving competitive B&B owners literally picking hairs out of plug holes and battling to win the coveted framed cross stitch. It gave me low level nausea and unease on my choice of loo brush.  But the latter, oh my starry eyes. Fly on the wall at Claridges, the heaven of establishments, the very crème, luxe of luxe with guests who are mostly royal, presidents or South African sugar magnets and often all three. Residing over the exceptional hospitality reigns the unflappable, uncompromising, unendingly charming without being even the teeniest bit smarmy, Thomas Kochs. He is my new year crush. His strategy for choosing an alarm clock for each bedroom was awe inspiring.

I endeavoured to re-enact this with The Husband with the suggestion of a two hour meeting to discuss 33 makes of clock, reducing to a top 5 shortlist and then for each to be placed in situ for final decision. He displayed a flagrant disregard for Claridges etiquette and ordered online John Lewis without approval or signing off from me. I have decided to channel Mr Kochs in other ways and taken to calling a morning management meeting with the hospitality team. Which is me, The Husband and Gub. Well it was Gub but after he had sampled the pastries he bowed out saying he had more important work to focus on like ‘actually getting the place ready for paying guests if you don’t mind’. I inclined my head in a small unconcerned nod at his departure because that’s what Thomas would do. The Husband stopped long enough to ridicule my powerpoint presentation and make incredulous eyes at my suggestion to contact Claridges for a pop up bar opportunity in our greenhouse and went off to paint the B&B windows. I think I may be the only one taking this seriously….


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