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No Dogs at the B&B (Except This One...)

No Dogs at the B&B (Except This One...)

We don’t allow dogs at our B&B. We did. We love dogs…and dog owners. We have been them and know how difficult it is to find somewhere lovely you can holiday with your hound. Or maybe it wasn’t the dog that was off putting, maybe it was the feral children we dragged along with us. Who turn out to be fairly unwelcome under the age of 12 from many establishments. We should have swapped them for a brace of Labradors.

So when we first embarked on our journey into hospitality it was with an open armed, dog friendly welcome. After all we reasoned, we didn’t have our own pup any more so it would be lovely to have someone else’s around the place. And it may stop the children from collecting such a weird and disturbing menagerie of ‘pets’ (alive and dead). Their clear protest at not having a dog. What could go wrong? Well there was the couple who turned up with 3 dogs and used our pure wool bed throw as their blanket. The dog who chewed through one of the chair legs after being left alone for too long. Or the truly awful time one of our neighbours had to wrestle her hen out of the jaws of our guest dog. It did go wrong several times quite quickly it turned out. For the sake of our little B&B and the village we became an open armed, friendly welcoming type of place. Without the dogs. Except now I am missing them. Not just as visitors but one for us as a family. I was debating this as I covertly released the children’s latest capture, Bobby the Woodlouse, back into the wild from his leaf filled jam jar. And set up an elaborate crime scene for their return from school so they wouldn’t know it was me what did it. Wouldn’t it just be easier to get them a Lurcher? 

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