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Pearl Lowe: My West Country

Musician, writer and designer Pearl Lowe has said that life started to get really good once she swapped the darker pleasures of London for the purer joys of rural Somerset.

She and husband Danny Goffey, the drummer from Supergrass, live with their three children in a Georgian house outside Frome. Pearl's eldest daughter Daisy Lowe, the model, lives in London but comes to Somerset at weekends.

What's a typical weekend at home in Somerset like?

Danny and I are both working very hard at the moment so at the weekends we like to have time off and relax with the kids. We usually either go to friends for lunch or they come to us, or we go to Babington House.

Have you found any new passions since moving to the country?

I have got really creative since moving here. I am writing my second book, designing wallpaper and stationery and a fashion line for Peacocks.  I also love nothing more than trailing local flea markets and shops for vintage bargains

What do you most love about the West Country?

I love the fact that I've met so many people in the arts, we've moved to a very creative area. I also love that Glastonbury is so close because I love walking up the Tor and going to the Chalice Well. I like shopping for crystals and this is such a great place to find them. I love walking and the countryside is so beautiful here, it really is like nowhere else in the world.

Where are your favourite shops in Somerset?

I often visit Catherine Hill in Frome. I love Poot, an amazing treasure trove of vintage clothes and Holly Anna, a brilliant shop for presents. The Trading Post in Wells is a wonderful old mill which sells really great vintage furniture and jewellery. I also love Susannah in Bath - a haven of antique lace, vintage fabrics, glass beads and painted French furniture.

Can you tell us about a hidden gem - somewhere you love to go?

There's a new vintage flower shop called Bramble and Wild that has just opened in Catherine Hill in Frome and I'm obsessed, I'm in there every other day.

Do you ever miss city life?

I think I go to London enough to not miss it. I sometimes miss my friends there, but when I do, I make sure they come and stay for weekends.

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