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Moorwood Art: A Hidden Gem

Pictured: View from Padstow by Lucinda Storm One of the things I most love about living in the West Country is coming across people doing interesting, innovative things with their rural spaces and so it is with Camilla Drinkall who turns her house into an art gallery twice a year.

She set up Moorwood Art to showcase the many talented artists in the South West, although she also likes to include those from further afield to "retain an element of surprise." The first surprise, though,  is how hidden her house is, right on the outskirts of Bruton but in the middle of woodland, down the end of a long, muddy track. It's an idyllic spot and when it is lit up for the preview party on November 8 (6-9pm) with flares and 3 amazing fireball sculptures from artist Aragam Dick-Reed it will be breathtaking. For her autumn exhibition (8-15 November) Camilla will be showing a wide range of artists including locals Lucinda Storm, Chloe Cardozo, Luke Piper and Tin Odescalchi, the Cornish painter David Pearce, Holly Frean and Victoria Achache from London, Chris Levine who will show his renowned portraits of the Queen and Kate Moss. Camilla, herself a former art student at Wimbledon College of Art, spends time with artists in their studios to get a feel for their work. Clearly a perfectionist, she will often take more paintings than she finally shows, the important thing is to display the right piece in exactly the right place. Pictured above: Still Life with Jug 2011 by Victoria Achache After art school she spent 10 years as an art director styling photo shoots for magazines and coffee table books, a career which has given her a precise instinct about hanging paintings. "It's really important to me that paintings find their place, it has to be in exactly the right setting." Walking around her lovely house, Moorwood, you can see how it metamorphoses into a  gallery with exposed brick walls, a long light-filled corridor and crucially lots of wall space. Camilla's own paintings will come down for the exhibition and every piece of art you see as well as all sculpture in the garden, will be on sale. Pictured below: sculpture by Giles Penny   Camilla likes to keep much of the art at accessible prices and to show a range of styles from the classic misty landscapes to more contemporary works by artists such as Achache and Levine. The Friday night party is the main event, with a burgeoning guest list, but the exhibition is also open from 10 to 4 throughout the next week, for follow up browsing. Find Moorwood Art at Moorwood, Redlynch, Bruton BA10 0NJ. Open daily 11th to 15th November 10.00am - 4.00pm. Moorwoodart@gmail.com for more info      

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