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Meat That's Fit For Gywneth Paltrow

Heritage Prime is a biodynamic farm in West Dorset that has been rearing highly nutritious organic meat for two decades.

Ian and Denise Bell are of the evangelistic type. They saw and loathed the outcome of mass meat production many years ago and began their crusade, raising cattle that not only grazed organically but also avoiding all chemicals and pharmaceuticals. No worming tablets here - if an animal is sick, the vet is called and a homeopathic remedy administered. The cattle - cows, sheep and pigs - are also allowed to reach full maturity before they are slaughtered and nothing is ever killed to order. With cows that usually means five years while the sheep and pigs will graze for at least two. The result is meat that probably tastes unlike anything you've ever had before and it has had the biggest foodies in the country - Hugh, Nigella, Mark Hix, Michel Roux to name but four - raving about it. The accolades are quite extraordinary. Michel Roux, who buys from Ian and Denise for Le Gavroche said: 'I think Heritage Prime beef is probably the best beef on the planet.' And Nigella Lawson once said of the Bell's pigs: 'Heritage Prime pork is so much better than any pork you've ever tasted or could ever hope to taste.'

Wow. It makes you want to race over to West Dorset right now. Such applause is not enough for Ian and Denise, however, who want to educate both farmers and consumers about the merits of biodynamic meat. Denise says: 'We know that the planet is in trouble and we also know that this (biodynamic farming) is a sure way of helping to save it. People need to eat far less meat of much higher quality." The biodynamically-tended herb-rich grass forms the special diet that Ian and Denise feed their cattle ensuring that the meat has the highest possible nutritional value. 'People come back to buy from us because, they say, our meat makes them feel so well." Slowly but surely the Bells are spreading their message across the West Country. They regularly invite the farming community to see what they're doing and, Denise says, the farmers always leave impressed. 'Our meat is organic with a capital O. It is very good for people,' says Denise. There can be no purer meat-eating experience than this one. If Gwyneth Paltrow isn't a fan then she should be. 

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