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Massive Storms Wreak Havoc at the B&B...

We celebrated the first anniversary of our B&B, not with champagne because we have given up booze for January (yawn) but with the Husband precariously perched on the roof of it. And me inside holding an enamel mug up in a lame attempt to catch the rain that was steadily dripping through. Of course the entire country has been weather beaten, battered, flooded and stricken to the point of almost boredom. Oh is your road impassable again? Internet signal down for the 15th time? No trains? No planes? Don’t drive the motorways are terrible. Yes we would love to come – weather permitting… Our little village has been one of the lucky ones. Our little B&B, converted from an outbuilding in the garden of our dilapidated family home has been a little less lucky. I counted 8 independent leaks that made no sense – laissez-faire they came and then they went and if it wasn’t for the one directly over the king size, Egyptian cotton layered bed I would have adopted a similar attitude. Being fully booked over the Christmas and New Year period tripled our stress levels. Not only are we responsible for our guests having a lovely time at any old time of the year but when it is the most wonderful time of the year then the stakes are as high as they will ever be (maybe with the exception of the honeymoon couple we had last spring). Picture if you will being welcomed to your cosy hideaway with the orchestra of several mistimed drips into saucepans. And hosts on detox with no practical DIY sense. Doesn’t. Bear. Thinking. About. So armed with a selection of strange fillers, strips of wood, nails and stuff we tackled the roof, two windows and a beam, literally battening down the hatches. Then we put together a Bloody Mary Welcome Kit, greeted our next set of guests and went to bed listening to the storm raging outside. When they left, effusive with compliments, vodka and no mention of a leak, we screeched up there to check it out. Fine. Completely fine. I can hardly dare to believe that we may have solved it. Now we have to solve the very large tree that has come down from our garden and is blocking the main lane in and out of the village. The Husband has been desperate for a chain saw and is using this as the final reason for having one. Or he will do once he has found me….for now I am in the shed with the Bloody Mary 'Sod The Detox' Kit.


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