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Lumity: A Hairdresser & A Gentleman

Lumity: A Hairdresser & A Gentleman

Pic: ©Katharine Davies/Sherborne Times

I think I may have found the secret to eternal youth. More accurately, I have found the man whose wife works with someone who met and invested in the hard working single mother who may have found the secret to eternal youth. But that’s not a catchy opening line.

Back to the man. I meet Robin Hague in the Sherborne salon of his Robin James Aveda hairdressing, lifestyle and spa empire. Also in Poole and Dorchester, his attention is on Sherborne at the moment as he is about to embark on an ambitious time sensitive refit. He greets me with sharply tailored charm and polished brogue manners. Exactly what you would expect of someone who refers to his clients as ‘guests’ – ‘I am fascinated by people,’ he says simply. He is also fascinated by a total approach to health and wellbeing that goes beyond hair and beauty to embrace what’s beneath. The salon renovation echoes this with his plans focused on comfort, luxury and privacy with an offering of ’21 styling opportunities’ including nail bars, treatment rooms and a new colour studio with balayage table (a way of hand painting colour on to the hair). ‘Our greatest enemy is complacency,’ he states.

Admitting to a hangover at the weekend, he has a balanced approach to wellness. He may be a seasoned runner (signed up to his first marathon in NYC next year) and a ‘serious foodie’ but he still succumbs to a ‘morning after’ bacon sandwich and Coca Cola.  He is plagued, he says, by insomnia. We bond over our late forties fate and talk turns to Lumity Life.

Robin was introduced to the supplement by his wife having taken no notice of the vitamins she had started taking. Generally sceptical about these things she was bowled over by the results. Not only was he convinced after several weeks of trying them but he loved it so much he is now the exclusive stockist for Lumity in the southwest.

‘It’s not a magic pill,’ Robin smiles, ‘it won’t solve things but it really helps. Now my 5 hours of sleep are deep and restorative rather than fitful.’

Currently around 30 of his clients have signed up. Does he keep in touch with them all? ‘Yes but it is more that they update us regularly as they are so thrilled with the results’.

Lumity, it says, is the first and only natural supplement to fight all nine causes of ageing from within. Promising to ‘ignite your glow’ it predicts glowing skin, more energy and deeper sleep by combining the right mix of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, D, E, flaxseed oil, zinc and magnesium. Yasmin Le Bon is the poster girl for it. Enough said.

Robin is giving me a trial sample of the tablets of wonder. I take nothing currently so am a clean slate. A knackered, 40something, peri-menopausal mother of 3 clean slate. He wants to see me in a month and I want to see the new look salon. He disappears to mastermind the week long refurbishment with energy and inner calm.

I’ll have what he is having.
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