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Is the Teasmaid the Final Straw?

Ugg slippers, estate car and now a Teasmaid? Yes, I know, the writing's on the wall. I still won't accept the middle age tag - middle youth, for God's sake, didn't you know? - but I will say there have been some pretty SIGNIFICANT changes around here.

Like, not wanting to go out. Like, ever. (If I say like enough I'm hoping we can forget I ever said the words MIDDLE AGE.) What is it with the going out thing. All I can say is I've done my time in the partying/drinking all night/crying all day trenches and now I prefer to binge drink on my own sofa. At a push, if friends come over, I'll lurch onto a chair at the kitchen table. Ugg slippers. Never a good look whether  nineteen or nonogenarian. But we bought this freezing, unseasonable, slate-floored piece of 16th century arcadia and sheepskin under foot really takes the edge off. Estate car. For years we swore we'd never ever drive an estate car or own a black Lab (last week I caught myself googling Labrador puppies but that's another story). The Audi. What can I say? It was for sale, we bought it, I love it. And finally the Teasmaid. My husband emailed me a picture of a John Lewis Teasmaid with the cryptic subject heading -' I think it's time.' And instead of replying with the usual 5 second bullet of scorn I used to reserve for this kind of thing, I caught myself thinking, 'thank God he's finally getting it'. It's too early to fully understand what this means. Is it goodbye breakdancing, hello elasticated trousers? I'll report back when we've had our first cup of tea. Think it's gonna be life changing. And by the way I'll shoot myself before I ever play a hand of Bridge. You can hold me to that.

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