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If We Must (Be on Instagram)

If We Must (Be on Instagram)

I am very late to the Instagram party. Probably because I had stopped off for drinks with Facebook and had a little flirt with Twitter. Neither of them properly hooked me until I turned to the photographic heaven of Instagram - simple, stylish, no need for words just gorgeous shots and trending hashtags. Without the recurrence of old posts because someone you don’t know has commented on the post of someone you barely know (hugs hun, you are totes bae).

I know there are other forms of social media out there, apparently Snapchat is doing rather well, but I don’t have time to work them all. Or any of them particularly. Instagram is just too damn good to ignore although it should come with a warning. I have been caught out by following shops, venues and cool cafes on Instagram, travelling proper journeys to visit them and then be achingly disappointed that I was tricked by the VSCO/Snapseed filters.

I pretend to use it for professional and networking purposes but mostly I am just being nosey. Following a mighty roll call of fashion, celebrity and interiors people and places. I have ordered shoes after seeing them on someone who was wearing them on her honeymoon. I have no idea who she is. I hope her marriage lasts but whatever happens she can rest assured her taste in sandals is excellent. I pick up menu tips, travel information and literary latests. All from a quick scroll through my feed now and again. Following friends is polite but beware the dangers of innocently coming upon a post of a brilliant party or dinner that you weren’t invited to. Mega awks.

Friends of mine adopt social media bans around actual socials. Just in case. Same for photo approval which appeals to me. I don’t want an ex-boyfriend seeing me encased in sausage skin swimsuit with a large glass of Rioja even if the villa backdrop is divine. He ditched me because I was fat, drank too much and spent all his money. He can smugly see I haven’t changed.

These early heady Instagram days of love won’t last I know. But while they do you may fancy joining me or Country Calling (although I know it’s a massive social media faux pas to beg for followers).We promise we won’t post photos of sunsets though. Or our dogs. Or our coffees. Or our spelt version of anything. I think I may have already broken one of those promises already…

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