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Look like You Hired an Interior Designer

Look like You Hired an Interior Designer

  Whether you’re a budding interior designer yourself, or you want to pretend to all your friends that you’re rich enough to hire one yourself, not all of us can afford to employ someone to completely redesign a room every time you want to redecorate.  

Take a look at our tips to making it look like you hired a professional. Be Inspired Sites like Pinterest, Houzz and Freshome offer lots of designer room inspiration. Create inspiration boards for the room you’re looking to decorate, and begin filling it up with the images and rooms that you like the most. Alternatively, do this with a real mood board and trawl through some magazines for image that grab you. After you’ve created a sizable collection, take a step back and take a look at your boards. You should be able to see a certain style, or similar themes running through your images. You might notice a particular colour pops up a lot, or a specific style pervades a lot of the images. Stick to Three Colours While colour is a very personal thing, inspiring certain moods or triggering memories, you should stick to just three colours or shades for one room. Pick one main colour for walls, another for large pieces of furniture and another as an accent colour. Have a look back at your mood boards to spot this trick. A room with just two colours will be boring and won’t look like you’ve had an interior designer in to do it. Four or more colours become too busy, and won’t look designed at all. A single colour scheme can work well, but you need to have three different shades, as opposed to colours, the method remains the same. Add Texture Texture is equally important, particularly in a single colour scheme. Different textures are important for both the aesthetic and the tactile. An all white room might have linen draperies, silk cushions and a knitted throw on the side of a leather sofa. All these different textures combine to create something rich and luxurious. Statement Furniture    Investing in pieces of big, statement furniture will be what really makes your room stand out from the crowd of home-decorated rooms. Statement furniture, mixed with smaller, spindlier pieces, like the pieces from David Phillips will make your room look balanced and harmonious. Take a look at this room for inspiration. It has a big piece in the sofa, and the coffee table and the chair are thinner, with exposed legs. So, armed with the knowledge of an interior designer, you can go forth and turn your home into a carefully constructed, beautiful home worth of magazines.      

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