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Holding Back the Years.....

Be honest have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, hmm, I wonder what I’d look like if I didn’t have those nose to mouth lines or that frown?

Meeting Caroline Fass, a nurse for 22 years and now running Revive Beauty Treatments, a restylane business, turns out to be revelatory.

In the flesh Caroline is warm, calm and business like – much as you’d expect from a seasoned nurse – she is also fastidious about skincare and vehemently opposed to botox. Plus she has no nose to mouth lines, but more of that later.

Caroline, halfway through a Psychology PHD and still working part-time as a nurse, decided to train as a Restylane practitioner after being introduced to it by another nursing friend. Restylane, or dermal fillers as they are commonly known, is probably the most natural product on the market, made up of 95% hyaluronic acid which is found in the skin. Instead of freezing muscles as botox does it plumps out wrinkles and folds or adds volume to lips. Caroline says: ‘Botox is very widely used these days but I really don’t like it. You can quite easily see who has had it done. When I look at Nicole Kidman or Kylie Minogue I can see that their faces are very smooth but to me they have started to look different.’ Restylane creates a far more subtle and natural look, Caroline says. ' People will say 'you look really well,' but that’s all they notice. The thing is Restylane makes you look fresher, more well rested.' As a case in point Caroline’s mother didn’t notice she’d used fillers on her own nose to mouth lines. Caroline adds: “I didn’t like the idea that to look beautiful you have to look young. Our identity and who we are shows in our faces. When I look at Madonna or Kylie now I think it’s getting harder to recognise them.’ When Caroline treats people for the first time - almost exclusively women to date but a few men too - they tend to be thrilled with the result. 'What I love most about doing this is how happy it makes people feel. It gives them a boost, they look fresher and that makes them feel good.' I was intending to simply talk to Caroline about her business (she is based in London but weekends in Devon and travels across the West Country with Revive Beauty Treatments) but after hearing her talk so passionately about Restylane I decide I have to try it for myself. She only has a very small amount of the fillers with her - a 1ml injection's worth - but we agree to put a little into my nose to mouth lines. First she applied topical anaesethic cream then began to inject the Restylane with a very fine needle. Yes there's a pin prick of pain each time but for anyone who has been through childbirth or even the dentist's drill, trust me, it's nothing. As someone who has never dabbled with anything like this it was great being in Caroline's capable hands. She's both fun and light-hearted but at the same time very efficient, with medical know-how at her finger tips. Somehow it helps to know that she has given injections many many thousands of times in her life. Caroline trained to be a Restylane practioner with Q-Med, who provided the first dermal filler on the market and will only take on qualified doctors, nurses and dentists. The whole process probably took around 20 minutes and afterwards I feel a little bit sore but already I can see the improvement.  Five days later the swelling has gone down and I can definitely see the result - my nose to mouth lines are virtually non existent. Would I do it again? Definitely. But this time give it to me with both barrels. Find Caroline in London or the West Country at Revive Beauty Treatments or call for a consulation on 07841288168    

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