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Hedgerow Mojito

Supreme mixologist, Lloyd Brown from the Bull Hotel's Venner Bar, has devised this kickass Autumn cocktail for Country Calling. Delicious and packs a punch - AKA perfect for Friday.

Here’s a little twist on the Cuban classic, refreshing and perfect for Autumn sipping. The Hedgerow Mojito combines St Germain, an exquisite Elderflower liqueur dubbed ‘bartenders ketchup’ due to it being a great addition to any spirit or beer for that matter with Sipsmith Sloe Gin. Sipsmith make a sloe gin that concentrates in firstly being a fantastic quality gin that shines through and is strengthened by the Sloes, if you can get the 2013 or 2011 vintages for this recipe. In a tall glass start by adding 1 shot of lemon juice and ½ a shot of sugar syrup 2:1. Then add crushed ice and a small handful of mint, clap the mint rather than tear to bring out the flavor without making the mint bitter. Next add to the glass 2 shots of St Germain and churn, top off with crushed ice and then layer over a shot of Sipsmith Sloe Gin, finally garnish with a mint sprig and raspberry.

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