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Gold Hill Box Scheme

Don't get me wrong, I loved living in London. I still feel an absurd sense of patriotism about it, would argue that it's the best capital city in the world. But the thing I can never quite get over with country living is the random acts of kindness. And so it was this week, the morning after we returned from a fortnight in Spain, when I found myself cooking a big lunch for my in-laws (bad planning that).  I heard a voice calling my name and thought, 'Oh God, they're early and the place is a bombsite.' To my surprise it was Jane from Gold Hill Organic Farm delivering veg to mark the beginning of their new box scheme. Her timing was excellent. A fairly basic lunch was transformed by stir-fried organic courgettes, steamed kale and field-fresh salad. The real miracle, though, was watching my sugar-addicted 5 year old munch his way through a bunch of raw carrots with the zeal he normally reserves for a bag of pick n mix. We'd had some addiction issues in Spain when he'd wake, walk to the fridge and pop a can of Fanta Zero lager-lout style, gently belching as he considered his next move. We tried hiding it, not buying it because just the mention of Fanta Zero would bring to him into a teeth-gnashing frenzy of desire.  And here he was wrenching a carrot from the bunch by it's leafy green top (when did you last see those?) rinsing it under the tap and wandering off happily. The courgettes converted my vegetarian (non veg eating) daughter,  we fought over the corn on the cob.  Baked potatoes that tasted of potato, cherry tomatoes that were ridiculously sweet. I swear I'd go  vegan on this stuff. I'm a big fan of Gold Hill Farm in Child Okeford, which has been growing and selling organic veg for more than 25 years. And now there's a delivery scheme so I don't even have to leave my front door. Weekly boxes range from £12.75 Find more details here        

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