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Hip Tattoos for Party Girls

Hip Tattoos for Party Girls

Party girls, a whole new form of dressing up has just arrived and we love it. Glint and Glory jewellery tattoos come in gold, silver and neon and feature various designs such as Animal, Magic, Elegance or Rock.

You can wear a glam gold necklace, silver and neon pink stars emblazoned across your arms or perhaps a little facial adornment for the extravert? Tattoos are easy to apply and last between three and five days, long enough for the most hardcore of parties. 

Glint and Glory has been founded by Cassia Smith Bingham, a fine jewellery designer and Laura  Colenso, a TV producer, who also share a passion for dressing up and partying in the sunshine. Whether under the disco lights or the rising sun, their jewellery tattoos are designed to shimmer, sparkle and add just the right amount of bling. Festivals, parties or just poolside - we're loading up for the summer.

Magic wide 4A C


From £29.95 at Glint and Glory

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