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Glastonbury But Not as You Know it...

Foals play the Pilton Party Glastonbury, but not as you know it. No two hour tailbacks, no rancid loos, no waking up sweating in your tent at 5 am (and, by the way, I speak as a massive fan). Instead we're in the theatre field with that infamous red and yellow striped tent and one of the hottest bands on the planet about to play.

Welcome to the Pilton Party, thrown by the Eavis's every year to say thanks to the locals for putting up with the arrival of 200,000 punters for the world's most famous festival. This year they've booked Foals and expectations are running high. The crowd are already a bit lairy when we arrive for the first act, probably due to the fact that you're allowed to bring your own booze and it's a Friday night. If there's one thing the Somerset massive know for sure it's how to get a party started. First up are a local band from Somerset, Fast Decline, with a kind of rocky ska sound that reminds me of Madness. Great booking - within 3 songs they have the entire tent of 2000 dancing. The frontman, 20 if a day, is so uber-confident he almost triggers a mid life crisis. Fortunately in between sets there are ready-poured pints of Thatcher's Gold to drink, the Eavis's know their punters, and a few typical festie food stalls - crepes, fish and chips, hog roast. Ella Eyre plays next, recently a number one solo artist but still probably best known as the vocalist on Rudimental's iconic Waiting All Night. She is amazing, a frenetic, starry performer with a huge voice and even bigger hair. A little bit Rihanna, a little bit Beyonce, think she's going to be massive. ellaeyre And finally it's Foals, here in a Somerset backwater, globally famous, maybe, but a backwater all the same and playing to what must be a pretty boutique crowd for them. There's been a lot of hype around Foals recently (they played Glastonbury and headlined Latitude) and after their performance on Friday I can see why. With a full on light show and the band's unique sound, party dancey, part guitar rock and reminiscent of Talking Heads, this is one of the best gigs I've seen in years. You know what? If you miss out on a ticket to Glasto next year, never mind, you've always got the Pilton Party in September.    

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