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Spring: A Time for Crazy Decisions?

Spring: A Time for Crazy Decisions?

Everything has perked up around these parts including me. The magnolia outside the kitchen window is indecently blowsy. The tadpoles in Eldest Son’s excuse for a pond are teeming. There are vegetables available to buy that don’t need a freight ship. Instagram is full of sandal and Birkenstock shots (am just waiting for someone high street to do a copy of Stella McCartney’s latest ankle strap triumph). In my head I could almost do a little skip. A small bounce in my step. A shoulders back, head tilted to the sun meander.

B&B season is well and truly under way so am trialling a different homemade cake, compote and shower gel. And confidently sending guests off in the direction of the beach without caveats for wet, windy, freezing weather conditions. You could say I am almost in control. Let’s ignore the continued semi derelict state of the house, all three children’s hatred of homework and lack of anything resembling one full meal for 5 in my fridge at any one time. Let’s be positive and consider I have got some stuff sorted and should be skipping off to early evening drinks with the Husband and his boss after a hot wax foot treatment.

So it would be madness to get involved in a new business with friends wouldn’t it? Just at the point that I get a bit of a break after over 25 years of working full time. To devote all my ‘spare’ time to a project that isn’t the B&B (it’s doing quite nicely) or the children (do they really need to learn street surfing/Latin/kazoo) or the house (I’ve given up). Complete and utter madness. But that’s the thing about spring…it makes you do crazy things.

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