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Friday Nights Will Never Be the Same Again

Mariella Frostrup in one corner, Pearl and Danny in another and is that Bill Amberg on the decks? Welcome to Somerset's hottest new nightspot AKA the Roth Bar & Grill at Hauser & Wirth. I order a vodka and tonic and the barman asks which kind of vodka I'd prefer and gestures to the artistic bank of bottles lining the bar. Will it be Grey Goose or Black Cow, Stoli or Absolut? There's a band playing dancey blues and people are swaying and sipping house Mojitos.

So far, so London except that it isn't. Welcome to the South West's new Friday night. The bar and restaurant are open each Friday until 11.30, you can come here just to drink and dance, to chat with friends or to eat chargrilled chicken with lemon aioli in the restaurant where the walls are lined with contemporary art. The music, live bands and DJs has been taken care of by Danny Goffey and Dominic Greensmith (the drummer from indie band Reef) and it's perfectly pitched, upbeat, dancey but not in your face. The vibe here is convivial and partyish, as if Somerset's locals can't quite believe their luck. The setting is beautiful, the cocktails are strong, the music is spot on. Think we just got ourselves a new Friday night.  

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