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Coffee Haven: Colonna & Smalls in Bath

Coffee Haven: Colonna & Smalls in Bath

Being coffee addicts, purists, fanatics, term it what you will, Colonna & Smalls has been on our radar for some time. But it was only this week that we managed to hit this most tastefully hedonistic caffeine haven and it was more than worth the wait.

Colonna & Smalls the self styled brew bar, has a weekly changing menu of seasonal coffees – yes it’s that serious. It’s a beautiful space, light-filled with wooden floor, white walls and shared refectory tables and it’s full of friends, businessmen and mothers who have one thing in common – an almost religious approach to their coffee.

From the daily menu we selected a nutty, almond-y blend in cappuccino form, which came as the best coffees do, a few degrees lower in temperature than your standard high street brew. There was a dense, not too sweet, spiced apple muffin and a fan of impeccably chosen artsy magazines to gaze upon.

It’s a cult coffee stop which was started up by husband and wife team Maxwell and Lesley Colonna-Dashwood – Maxwell has won the UK Barista championship three times.

For the people of  Bath there’s no reason to take your coffee anywhere else, the rest of us will have to travel. But we are overwhelmingly thrilled to discover they also sell capsules compatible with Nespresso machines (55p each which is standard) in either short (espresso) or long (filter) format. Colonna & Smalls comes to you – that really is worth getting up for each morning.

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