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Cocktails at the Idle Rocks Hotel

I've been waiting a long time for the Idle Rocks Hotel revamp, maybe even 10 years. We used to come here for sandwiches on the deck, to check out the killer view over St Mawes  Bay and say: 'Wouldn't it be great if someone took this place over?'

Well now someone has, and after visiting last week, I'd say Aston Martin  chairman David Richards has done a pretty awesome job.

Having read about the hotel's new helipad and  the scent of fig being electronically pumped into the air (smells delicious) I was worried this was going to be a slightly sterile, uber-posh makeover.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Four of us arrived with 6 children in tow who would be dispatched for fish and chips on the harbour wall if they were met with scarcely disguised horror. Again, got that so wrong.

The staff, without exception, greeted the kids enthusiastically and almost instantly produced 6 hot chocolates with fresh whipped cream. So far so good.

While we worked our way through a delicious martini and sat on deck, braving the drizzle just to make the most of what has to be one of the most spectacular views in Cornwall, the children lounged unbothered in the blue and white themed sitting room. Love the decor here, yes it's nautical but in a laid back comfortable way, pared-down seafaring chic I suppose.

In the middle of the first martini the waiter came over to us. "By the way there's a kids' room with a huge telly if they would prefer it.'

Cue the second round of martinis and the realisation that the Idle Rocks is taking its buckets and spades clientele just as seriously as its weekending bankers.  You can tell that the wooden floors will be dusted with sand and ice cream drips at the end of each day and when the kids are finally dispatched the grown ups will be tucking into Porthilly Rock oysters and poached lobster tail.

I'd be tempted to check in here for pretty much every meal from porridge with clotted cream, honey and nuts at breakfast to hand cut chips with Bloody Mary sauce and a club sandwich at lunchtime. Have to say, on first viewing, they've got it totally right.

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