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Cocktail of the Month - Hix Fix

Our first summer cocktail is guaranteed to kick start any party and we've heard it's so hip that it's something the other Kate (Moss) had at her wedding. What's better is that it's very simple and very delicious. To make it you need some morello cherries infused with eau de vie, a couple of spoonfulls of the juice and either some perry or champagne. Made with champagne it's one of the most popular cocktails at Mark Hix's restaurants and using perry as an alternative is also recommended by our wonderful Somerset cider maker - Julian Temperley. Not only can he recommend a good cocktail but his daughter designed Pippa Middleton's stunning green evening dress - Hix Hix Hooray.

Components: Couple of Julian Temples cherries in eau de vie and some juice (Hix Fix) Champagne or perry Put a cherry or 2 with a teaspoon of the liquor in the bottom of a glass Top up with cold champagne or perry and drink before someone else decides to To buy the ingredients visit www.ciderbrandy.co.uk or telephone 01460 240782.

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