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Christmas Crunch - Fudges of Dorset

I was lucky enough to have a private tour around what is possibly the most delicious smelling bakery in Dorset - Fudges. Country Calling’s foodie friend Felicity (soon to be gracing these pages) had taken me to meet the Fudges - yes that really is their name - as she got to know them whilst being a food judge at a recent Taste of the West food competition.

Fudges were one of the winners of course.

But I’m going way off course here, so back to the bakery. The experience of being shown round by the present day Fudges meant that I got to share in their complete and utter passion for the biscuits they produce. I have long been a buyer and am particularly fond of the hand-dipped chocolate numbers and the Florentines, oh and the cheese straws, but it was this tour of the factory that made me realise just how much care and passion goes into the making of these crunchy delights. As Fudges say themselves – it’s getting the details right that matters and getting the details right is what they’ve been doing successfully since the 1920s.

Following in the tradition of Percy Fudge, the great-great Grandfather of the present day owners - Steve, Sue and Graham - ingredients are chosen for quality and taste and butter, eggs and cheese are sourced from local farmers. There’s real pride in what’s produced here and when I went round this pride was very much endemic amongst the staff too; it’s great to see employees who clearly like their bosses.

It’s great too to have a good news story as we slip into 2012 and Fudges are certainly that – it seems that high quality biscuits are just what people need to chase away the blues and demand for Fudges has never been so high.  They’re even taking on 25 new staff. It’s just more proof that locally sourced, high quality, authentic food does sell, whatever the economic climate and three cheers for that.

You can buy Fudges biscuits at Waitrose, Tesco and Asda. As well as good independent farm shops and delis. Right I'm off to buy their luxury mince pies right now.

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