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Business is Booming at the B&B

We are completely totally fully booked in the B&B this month. As we were last month and as we almost certainly will be next month.

The fact that August is a bit slow is a distant problem right now. I haven’t got time to drum up future business when I am making batches of granola daily and on first name terms with all the ladies at the laundry. Including sponsoring one to run the marathon and sympathising with another on her problem son-in-law. Guests names are blurring into each other. A succession of jolly couples scooting up in sleek, mostly black, motors with city parking permits stuck to the windscreens. Conversations are a whirl of restaurant recommendations, tide times and coastal path warnings. But this is not a complaint. Most definitely not. Well maybe a tiny bit. Not about the guests, love to look after happy people, eating lots, hanging out, exploring the local area. And the money is a bonus, going straight back into the house renovation which without it would still be a shell as opposed to now being a well insulated, heated sort of a shell. So that’s all good. And if I can keep the children away before they tell tales of the barn ghost and stop their car being used as a hang out by the peacock then my stress levels stay relatively low. The bit that I really hate is the changeover. The turnaround. Dashing back from work to strip the linen (stray pants caught up in the folds), the fridge (often the remains of a smelly cheese) and the repetitive shower door chamois leathering. The Husband on the other hand is super at this and can spot a random hair from the other side of the room. He could scoff at my lily livered approach but so far he has been stoic in rubber gloves. But this may not last so I am putting in place a back up plan, a little bit of mother’s help. Shush, don’t mention it but a lady from the village popped up yesterday for A Chat. I showed her the B&B. ‘Oh I’ve always wondered what this looked like on the inside. You need some nice paintings up on those walls. It’s all a bit stark isn’t it. A nice floral duvet cover perhaps. And one of those plug in air fresheners wouldn’t hurt. Of course I don’t do ironing, food shopping, childcare or clearing up after animals. I can give you a trial run tomorrow if you like and then make my final decision then.’ I didn’t want to appear desperate. I nodded. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship…

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