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A Micro Brewery in the Micro Village?

A Micro Brewery in the Micro Village?

Relieved to see the back end of January, February has hit us with a deluge of storms and the disappointment that it actually isn’t spring yet. The only bright colour comes from the Seville oranges slowly mouldering away in a bowl while I find excuses not to make marmalade. It’s heavy duty this month with little to recommend it. Or so I thought. Because in our teeny tiny village with no shop, no bus, no street lights, no broad band speed and no clear idea of where the sewage goes there is a glimmer of community hope. A micro brewery. That may strike you as less of a glimmer and more of neon flashing high kicking type of light. I know I am underplaying it.

After the sad but expected death of our oldest resident Mrs Bunnage, a complete recluse and lead character in the village children’s tales about The Old Lady of Cobwebs, her tumbledown ancient cottage is up for sale. With a small, micro brewery size barn. Some of the residents think it is more of a carpentry workshop size barn. Others see it as a Sunday church school size barn. When I first took a look I saw it more as a massive renovation project pain in the ass size barn. But The Husband and one of our neighbour pals Den got twinkly eyes and went all whispery. And then they went and had a little chat with Dick who lives opposite us in two barns and is awfully handy with a power drill. And then hunted out Will who apparently is just brilliant with listed buildings and they formed a gaggle around the barn door.

Two hours later they burst back into the house like a bunch of wet Labradors full of plans and ideas and googled what bat droppings look like. So it’s going to be a pub they say. Just need to sort out the finance, planning, building works, insurance, licences. But none of that is a worry. Particularly not now Den has dug out his old dart board from a misspent youth. That’s one less cost. I am not holding my breath. But I am trialling some bar snack ideas….just to be prepared.

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