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Best Bedroom Designs of 2016

Best Bedroom Designs of 2016

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When decorating or redesigning your bedroom it is important that you consider every element possible. You need to ensure your choice fits with the style of your house and the furniture already in your bedroom. Here are some ideas for how to redesign or redecorate your bedroom.

Children - Films or TV

You could decorate your kids bedrooms to match their favourite film or TV show. This can be done through changing their wallpaper, putting up wall prints or posters or even repainting their furniture. Once you know whether it wants theme they want then you can change the wallpaper to match. Decorating their wardrobes and drawers to match this theme is great way of tying the room together. If you are changing into a driving or race car theme then you might consider getting a new bed frames or a themed bed to fit the room.

Colour Theming

You can easily themed your bedroom around your favourite colour. Say if you like the colour blue, then you can start to fill your bedroom with slightly differing, but matching shades of blue. Change out your curtains and bedsheets to match this new colour scheme. Make sure that you don’t pick a colour that is going to be difficult to find and one that isn’t too sharp or bold. You don’t want to have too bright a yellow otherwise the room isn’t going to look right. You also don’t want to make it too dark, it wants to look welcoming and comfy instead. If your current bed frame doesn’t match your new colour scheme then you might consider buying a new bed frame from somewhere like Bedstar

Wallpaper/wall prints

Changing your wallpaper or adding wall prints doesn’t need to be exclusively for kids, it can be for adults as well. Wallpaper comes in all kinds of designs now, so you are bound to find one you like and that you can redesign your room around. If you don’t want to have the trouble of re-wallpapering your bedroom though you might decide to get some wall prints instead. These are easy to put up and look great. You can get similar designs to those you get on wallpaper or can instead get custom made quotes. There is a lot of choice and you can go any direction you wish.


If you want to full redesign your room, you might choose to a modern look. This would mean purchasing new chairs that fit this aesthetic, but it will look great in the end. Getting new flush wardrobe and drawers as well as modern styled chairs and lamps will ensure your bedroom design is consistent.


If you’d prefer to keep it classic, you might instead want a vintage look. Instead of purchasing modern and new furniture you could instead visit antique and secondhand stores. These will give you a great choice of vintage designs. Try to keep the wood style consistent across all of your furniture to ensure the design is consistent.

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