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Joe Dunthorne: Page to Screen Film Fest

We can hardly wait for Bridport's FromPage to Screen Film Festival (10-14April) which brings together  some of the best-loved movies in cinema including The Graduate and The Shining.

It is being curated by hip author Joe Dunthorne (his first novel Submarine won the Curtis Brown prize and was made into a Hollywood movie, his 2nd Wild Abandon won the Encore Award ) who has chosen some of his favourite films of all time alongside schlock horror, teen movies and adaptions of comics and graphic novels bringing some definite edge to this year's programme.

The biggest crowdpuller is sure to be a planned clifftop screening of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining preceded by Room 237 a documentary which details the (pretty nutty) conspiracy theories thought to be hidden within the  film. In some cases Dunthorne has simply chosen films he loved and wanted the opportunity to screen such as Wild at Heart which he describes as  'one of the best films and an obsession of mine.' Of course he has direct knowledge of the page to screen experience - his first novel Submarine was turned into a Hollywood movie in 2010, an adaption he says he loved. 'I think writers are trained to expect the worse from screen adaptions, that the process will destroy their babies but, for me, it was a joy. Richard Ayoade did such a fantastic job and I've been referring to the film as the book's evil twin, in that the end result feels very close to the book but the director  has brought much of his own experience and ideas to it.' Submarine is a coming of age comedy drama centred around 15 year old Oliver Tate who has two ambitions -to lose his virginity before he turns 16 and to extinguish an ex-lover who has unexpectedly turned up in his mother's life. In the film Oliver's teenage bedroom is based on first time director Ayoade's even down to some of his original childhood posters and post-cards. Pictured above Submarine There's also a horror theme emerging for as well as The Shining, Dunthorne has chosen the movie Byzantium, a fantasy thriller about a mother/daughter vampire duo starring Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arteton. Teen movies include the cult Ghost World (2001) adapted from a graphic novel and starring  Scarlett Johansson and Thora Birch as uber-cool nerds who play a trick of a lonely middle aged man. The girls are bitchy, with a vicious deadpan wit and very funny. Dunthorne says: 'Slowly they realise that this is not a sustainable way of looking at the world and they have to become more generous. It's just not possible to continue being that mean.' Find out regular updates on the From Page to Screen programme here  

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