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Amelia Allen: Telling Stories of the Every Day

Amelia Allen: Telling Stories of the Every Day

This iconic photo of two guests at the Temperley's White Magic party was captured by Amelia Allen.

Her work, seen here segueing from Glastonbury Festival to the White Magic party to Notting Hill Carnival, skilfully conveys the essence and spirit of her subject, whether it's bored policeman or cider-soaked revellers.

NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL  police(86 of 114)

The girl in fishnets and sunglasses, the piano player swigging from a tankard, the band captured mid-performance in the rain, to me encapsulates the efferverscent madness that has always defined Glastonbury.


pianoglastonburyAmelia, who grew up near Castle Cary in Somerset, formed a passion for photography while working as an intern at Temperley London. She assisted Matilda Temperley, photographer sister of designer Alice, in London and Somerset, honing her craft over the next 12 months.


These days she works mainly in London as a fashion, portrait and documentary photogapher.

Below: Alice Temperley at London Fashion Week by Amelia Allen


Amelia says:"To me it's all about people. Every day I take the tube and see hundreds of people and I'm fascinated by all these lives that we know nothing about.  It's all about telling people's stories through their face and  body language."

She rarely travels without her camera and is constantly inspired to record tales of the every day. This evocative image of a homeless person in Las Vegas is a case in point.


Find more of Amelia Allen's photographs at ameliaallenphotography.com

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