showcasing the best of the south west

About Country Calling

clarepic2When I moved to the West Country seven years ago I was expecting show stopping landscapes, bustling farmers markets, some kickass blackberry jam - in other words a bucolic existence unharried by the high octane, gridlocked frustrations of big city life. What I hadn't anticipated was that I'd wake up in an amazingly vibrant, original and self-sufficient culture stumbling across talented, passionate artists, artisans, musicians, designers, chefs and restauranters on every turn. There is a uniqueness here in the West Country, an ancient Druid flavoured mysticism coupled with a rock and roll attitude which I love. Country Calling was born out of a desire to bring all that brilliance together, a showcase for the very best of life in the South West.  Whether you're looking for the ultimate hangover breakfast, the most indulgent  hotel bedroom or some great, collectible art to hang on your walls, you'll find it in Country Calling, a  modern day hub for everyone living, working and holidaying in the West Country.