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A Wedding to End All Weddings....

Mick Hucknall, a latent superhero, who knew? My newfound craze for the red-haired singer took me completely by surprise last Saturday at the wedding of a very close friend.

Let's start with the wedding which exceeded itself on every level. The bride, Andrea, a beauty anyway, looked particularly amazing and was given away by her 7 year old son, a mini Leonardo di Caprio in his cool blue suit. Not a dry eye in the house. The vows were both funny and emotional and from my front row vantage point I could see a lot of open sobbing going on - men and women (you know who you are). I think this is the thing about friends who get married a bit later on. When you're in your 20s and early 30s, weddings are 10 a penny and frankly you get a bit blase about them. With this wedding it was like the entire congregation was sitting to attention. Through the streets of London in an old routemaster bus to the reception which was held in what has to be the coolest pub in town. Stuffed hares on the wall - not very PETA I admit - staff dressed up in uber-trendy tweed, perfect Bloody Marys on tap. A word for the pub wedding - it's a stroke of genius. Pints if you want them, proper hearty food that you actually want to eat and not a flapping marquee doorway in sight. The bridegroom Oli and not one but two best men gave the funniest speeches I've ever heard, properly, laugh out loud, tears rolling down your cheeks funny. Suddenly it was like being at the Comedy Store. ferrero And so, via a ferrero rocher cake, to the wedding dance and the biggest surprise of all.  The opening chords to Simply Red's I'll Give It All Up For You began and Mick Hucknall, who happened to be a guest, grabbed a mic and started singing. Wow, what pipes, you forget.  And what a trooper too, dancing with the bride and groom, holding out the mic for the crowd to belt out: "I'll Give It All Up For You."  He made what was already a pretty perfect wedding, unforgettable. Bottom line? I think I'd like to get married again. Same husband, different format. Do you reckon Mick would be up for it?

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