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Environs Facial and A Moment of Zen

Environs Facial and A Moment of Zen


Scratch the surface and you often discover something entirely unexpected in the heart of the West Country. The brilliant facial I had last week in Shaftesbury is a case in point.

Although I had been visiting Right Over the Top hair salon for a few months it took a while to cotton onto the fact that there was a beautician working on the top floor.

Carol Elton specialises in Environ skin care, a wonder product which essentially channels age-busting Vitamins A and C into the lower layers of the skin. So far so good.

I had the manual facial – a blissful, zoned out hour of cleansing and moisturising with constant face, neck, shoulder and hand massage throughout. To say it was relaxing would be an understatement: it was virtually impossible to peel myself off the bed by the end.

The facial includes a thick, gloopy cleansing mask which is applied to the face including your eyes and mouth (so you can’t see or speak) and is then peeled off whole like a layer of rubber.

Slightly freaky but never mind, the results were so good that afterwards a friend stopped me in the street and said: ‘What have you had done?’

Carol also offers the Active Vitamin and Advanced Vitamin facials where Environ products are driven even deeper into the skin using soundwaves and small electrical pulses.

If this sounds frightening, it isn’t all –  (I tried it once before) and the results can be really amazing. This method is meant to stimulate collagen, soften lines, improve hydration and boost radiance. See what I mean – it’s pretty high-tech stuff for Shaftesbury.

Carol is very knowledgeable about skin care and is a skilled masseur; this is the most zen hour I’ve spent in a very long time.

Find Carol at Butterfliesbeauty or call her on 07968 220510.


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