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A Farm Shop that thinks it's Harrods Food Hall

White Row Country Foods Beckington Somerset (otherwise known as the Beckington Farm Shop).

People have been telling me about the Beckington Farm Shop for years so why did it take me so long to get there? Perhaps it's an age thing but I can't remember when I last had such an exciting shopping experience.

Walk through the doors, see what's on offer and three words spring to mind. Oh. My. God.

For any ex-Londoners reading we're talking a miniature Borough Market. Or should we just make that a mini Harrods Food Hall.

Where to begin? With the veg, beautifully laid out, eye-watering stacks of bottle-green kale, courgettes, peppers, rustic strings of onions, big, fat, sun-ripened tomatoes. I could go on.

With the tower of home-baked meringues or the cake counter which has the chutzpah of a Parisian patisserie.

Or with the outrageous cheese counter - you'll be hard pressed not to stand and drool.

Then there's the butcher - Jon Thorner's of Shepton Mallet - selling perfect, fresh pink meat, every imaginable cut and full knowledgeable back-up on how to serve it. The pork comes from White Row Farm pigs and is a speciality.

Have to mention the fishmonger - The Scallop Shell - which has a mindblowing array of brand, spanking fresh West Country fish. This is surely the place to come for oysters, crab, lobster, langoustine, sole, you name it, you'll find it .

You can pick up a mixed tub of delicious salads to take away, you can buy every kind of jam under the sun, home-made muesli, old-fashioned sweets, I'm telling you this place has everything.

Of course such foodie heaven doesn't come cheap. So take a credit card and release the spending beast within.


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