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Top 10 Alternative Health Practices in the SW

Top 10 Alternative Health Practices in the SW

Kevin Partridge at The Trinity Osteopathic Practice Shaftesbury Dorset 01747 851726

Kevin Partridge is a truly gifted osteopath and a classic example of the new breed of health practitioner who cherry picks from the best techniques available. A single treatment with Kevin might involve manipulation, acupuncture and ultra sound. He is incredibly knowledgable on all areas of alternative health and despite a bulging client list has a policy of keeping space available so you won’t have to wait too long for your next appointment. His success rate is outstanding and he is always honest about the healing process - whenever possible he will keep it to one or two treatments but he'll also advise when you're in for the long term. When it comes to mechanical pain there's no safer bet.

Arabella Thring at An Olive Branch, Somerset

Arabella is a homeopath, reflexologist and mindfulness instructor who discovered alternative medicine after her own debilitating struggle with glandular fever and post viral fatigue syndrome. She believes in treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms  and her approach is practical, warm and wise. Her mindfulness courses for adults and children are uplifting, fun and life affirming all at once. She demystifies the practice of meditation, explaining how to make it work in hectic, every day life. Her empathetic, upbeat approach makes her an obvious choice for treating children and she is passionate about getting children and adolescents onto a healthy lifestyle to avoid problems later in life. 

Kate Hands at The Children’s Clinic for Cornwall, Lostwithiel Wadebridge Osteopaths

Cranial osteopath Kate Hands has a devoted following. She specialises in treating children but has equally good results with adults. Her manner is gentle, her knowledge encyclopaedic and her success rate phenomenal. One former patient says: “Kate is an incredible person who always gets results.’

Alchemy Health Clinic Wimborne 01202 880136

Dr Nashir Karmali founded the Alchemy Health Clinic back in 1982 and it has grown to cover most bases - chiropractic, homeopathy, cranio sacral therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, hot stone massage. He is exceptionally intuitive and able to penetrate straight to the heart of the matter - you feel that he has interior sight. He  specialises in homeopathy and treats everyone from new born to the aged. A one stop shop for healing.

Robert Awdry, East Orchard, Shaftesbury, Dorset 01747 811925

People talk about Dorset homeopath Robert Awdry in tones of awe. He has a reputation for fixing most ailments from allergies to dogs to severe childhood asthma, arthritis and ME. His approach is mult-disciplined drawing on nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, allergy testing and Bowen physical manipulation. For years he had a clinic in Harley Street, lucky for Dorset's inhabitants he is now based there full time. Straight talking and a bit of a genius say his fans.

Elizabeth Cordle Physio Factor, Chilmark, Wiltshire 07780 675636

Physiotherapist Elizabeth Cordle is a specialist in neuromusculoskeletal work, relying on a combination of manual techniques and acupuncture to achieve her excellent success rate. Her client list includes injured rugby players, mother with pre or post natal problems, those with back, neck and shoulder pain and Repetitive Strain Injury. An expert in ergonomics she will also assess your work station and advise on the best office equipment. Elizabeth favours a practical approach to healing, aiming to get you back on your feet rather than long term maintenance work.

Rhianne Osborne Not Just Backs Tisbury, Wilton and Salisbury01722 421242

Rhianne specialises in cranial osteopathy for children and has legions of die-hard fans. She combines sensitive intuition with a gentle but no-nonsense approach and uses her cranial expertise to treat everything from dietary conditions to behavioural problems and sports injuries.

Dr Jacobs Natural Medicine Verwood, Dorset 01202 829189

Dr Robert Jacobs is something of a legend in the South West. He combined a traditional medicine background with Chinese herbal and German biological medicine  (the use of homeopathy and acupuncture alongside modern electronic and computer technology). What you are getting here is cutting edge healing which draws from the best of ancient and contemporary techniques. From M.E to asthma, migraines to depression his healing success rate is outstanding.

Colette Prideaux Brune Aromatherapist, Sherborne Dorset 01963 23204

Strictly for the open-minded as she's into chakras and Native Americans, Colette specialises in reflexology, hot stone massage and light therapy. She is incredibly intuitive, say her fans, and equally good at shifting emotional baggage as back pain. Her methods may be alternative but her results speak for themselves.

Janie Godfrey, Bowen Therapist, Somerset 01373 836 982

Janie Godfrey is an inspirational healer by all accounts. She practises the Bowen Technique, a very gentle form of realignment - no manipulation, cracking of joints or needles - just a series of hand movements so slight you hardly notice. A few days later, after just one treatment, your body will begin its healing process. Long term relief from chronic pain can be achieved with 3 0r 4 visits and the therapy can treat everything from RSI to  Asthma.

Caroline Mann, Life Alignment, Wiltshire 

As well as working as a life coach Caroline Mann practises the life alignment techique, a process which identifies and heals energy blockages to restore  balance in the mind and body. The theories are scientific and it combines the use of kinesiology, dowsing and Caroline, says, ‘a little bit of magic.’ You'll need to take a leap of faith to try it but her results are astonishing, clearing past traumas held in memory cells and thereby healing mind and body.

Anouchka Askew  Intuitive Therapy Body Worker 07956 313332

Anouchka learned her art at the hands of a Thai Medicine woman 22 years ago and has been employed all over the world as personal masseuse to stars such as Daniel Craig. She often works in conjunction with osteopaths and combines reflexology, massage, cranio sacral work and alignment with her acute intuition. She treats a myriad of problems and conditions from infertility to cancer, often using reflexology as the starting point. No massage is ever the same and her many fans say Anouchka's treatments combine a reassuring mix of alternative theory with science and medicine.



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