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The Magic Of Devon

The Magic Of Devon

Mention the Westcountry to those outside of it, and the first thing that springs to mind for many is The Wurzels. Sure, Scrumpy cider and welly wanging are indeed age-old traditions of South-West culture. But there's a lot more to be enjoyed here as well. Devon in particular has a wealth of naturally beauty, many of which remains relatively untapped by the tourist trade.


Beautiful Beaches


It's a myth that all beaches in Devon are comprised of stones. And you only have to venture as far as Mothecombe to realise just how much of a myth it is. Here you will find beautiful, pure and unspoilt sandy beaches, with sky-blue waters, leaving plenty of opportunities for both sunbathing and swimming. Admittedly, in order to keep it looking so good year-round, Mothecombe is only open to the public on certain days. So be sure to check before venturing there. Though not as great for swimming, Watcombe Beach deserves a mention as well. Set against a calming woodland walk and surrounded by red sandstone cliffs, Watcombe has a great beach cafe with top-class food. And the prices are pretty good as well.


Towns and Villages


South Devon in particular is full of quaint and picturesque little towns and villages, each of which have their own unique characteristics. From bustling market towns with centuries of history, to tiny coastal villages, the South Devon experience is rich and multifaceted. If you're looking for variety and a different kind of shopping experience, look no further than Totnes. With ancient cobbled streets, tiny backroads and an exquisite selection of shops, pubs and eateries, you really will have not shortage of choice. Or for a more serene approach, you can't go past Noss Mayo; with its breathtaking views and stunning walks, you'll realise why it's one of Devon's best kept secrets.


The Countryside


There really are too many amazing bits of countryside in Devon to list here; you simply have to explore them for yourself. Without doubt though, a fantastic starting place has to Dartmoor. Set off from there, and you'll soon find yourself in beautiful country surroundings.


So Much To Offer


Devon has a lot more to offer than a handful of Westcountry stereotypes. Staying in a lovely cottage from Helpful Holidays, you can enjoy picturesque countryside, quaint towns and beautiful beaches. What more could a holiday maker ask for? 


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