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 The Best and Then The Rest

The Best and Then The Rest

As much as we appreciate a good vintage boutique and other hidden fashion gems, in our increasingly technological and inter-connected world, it would be impossible to overlook some of the best online shops that have come across our paths.
It ís en vogue these days for website builder providers to offer an integrated, straightforward website builder package. Some are so simple that you can build an ecommerce site in just a few clicks. But just because it ís so easy to build one, doesnít mean that everyone is good at it. We've all encountered the good, the bad, the very bad, and the ugly side of online shopping. But what is it about the good ones that makes us keep on coming back and clicking through, or to abandon the bad ones all together? Is it really all just about the product?
If it was, I wouldn't be writing this. Here is a summary of some of the most appealing features that an online fashion retailer should have in order to turn browsers into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers.

Hassle Free Shopping Experience
Personally, the only online shops that I have ever gone back to are ones that offered a relatively hassle-free shopping experience. This means that the site was easy to use or navigate, like the ones with clearly well-thought out menu bars to help me find exactly what I was looking for. If I end up on a site that is confusing to use or is really overcrowded with content and images which overwhelm me, then I am unlikely to stay on it and shop.

They've Got What I Want
One of the worst feelings while shopping is when you find an item that you absolutely fall in love with, only to find out that they donít have it in your size. Itís crushing. An online shop that has products in all sizes is one that I know I can rely on and will go back to.
The Payment Process
Like most people these days, I donít have a lot of patience for a complicated check out process. If I see a form that I have to fill out which looks more like a novel, then I will most likely close the book on this shop. I want the payment process to be quick and easy, and ñ now this is important ñ will let me pay MY way. One of my worst shopping experiences was when I got to the end of the checkout process and realized that it only offered one method of payment, which I didnít have. And this wasnít even a major form of payment, like a large credit card company. I was so sad to have to wave goodbye to my carefully selected shopping cart. The same rule applies for shops that wonít deliver to a certain area. Itís just as disappointing and should be clearly mentioned on the home page.

The Perks and Policies
One of the only major pulls of physical versus online shopping was the perk of being able to try items on (if you can find it in your size) and have it the same day. Well, it turns out that our favourite online shops realize how important this is to us, because with ìtry-on-at-homeî options and easy return policies, the fear of buying something that you canít take back is no longer an issue.
Plus, many offer same day shipping now too (depending on how far you live from the shipping centre), so, sometimes you donít even have to wait. Offering free shipping is a huge win for the online shopaholic. I have become so used to this special treatment that ridiculous shipping fees and shipping times would now be another reason for me to give up on an online retailer.
Finally, perks like coupon codes, freebies, and other deals and discounts are their own reward. Often I have been persuaded to give a site a more thorough look because it offered a first time order discount or promoted a big sale. These drawing factors are golden. Plus, when you get rewarded for shopping by getting a discount coupon for your next purchase, if the experience was good, why wouldnít you go back and use it?

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