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Teresa Lawton at the Art Stable

Still Waters by Teresa Lawton Teresa Lawton, who opens at the Art Stable in Child Okeford on 13 September is the kind of artist who makes me wish I could paint. There's her extraordinary sense of colour and form, her continual exploration of the relationship between space and light but also the fact that she creates these wondrous images after her daily, almost ritualistic wanderings along the Dorset coast.

Lawton says: "Every day I walk the beach and every day it is different: here the skyline falls into the sea, forming a space between heaven and earth. The Dorset coastline, etched into my memory, fills my work..." Unlike many artists who find it harder to express the internal, she is eloquent and illuminating about her work, effortlessly portraying the absorbing life of a painter. She says: "For me abstraction allows for the development of a personal voice. ..It is a meditative process which absorbs me entirely. I have an untiring curiosity about the way in which I can create movement and balance with paint.' Her works are bold and full of colour and shape, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in conflict, but always she says "in conversation with one another." When viewed in the flesh the paintings appear to shimmer with movement and life. Pictured below: The Lookout 'The Lookout' 132x102cm oil on canvas Don't miss Teresa Lawton opening at the Art Stable in Child Okeford 13 September to 18 October.

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